Thursday, October 15, 2009

16th Show Songs

Better late than never, here are the songs we played for our 16th show!

Edit: Jaurim's song is not on the songs playing.

Oh, Ah,Oh by Big Bang
Look Who's Talking by BoA
Brown Sugar Macciato Opening by Lollipop
Girls by Se7en
Paradise by T-Max
Love Confession by Elva Hsiao
Rainism (Japanese) by Rain
Sorry Sorry by Super Junior
Super Girl by Super Junior M
Planeterium by Ai Otuska
Map the Soul(World Wide) by Epik High
Season by Arashi
Mascara by Brand New Day
Abracadabra cover by Dirty Eyed Girls
Rang Wo Ai Ni by Vic Zhou and Barby Hsu
Love Rock'n Roll by Jaurim
Shelter by JaeJoong and Yoochun
Impossibility to know Music by Red Roc Ft Masta Wu and Park Bom
Sweet Impact by BoA
Saranghe by SS501
Perhaps love Remix by J and Howl
Way back into Love by Solbi and Kim Jong Wook
Ai De Feng Kuang
Huan Xiang

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