Monday, September 28, 2009

14th Show Songs!

During the interview, we managed to squeeze in some tunes from our past shows. Making our 14th show the: A Blast From the Past! Here are all of the songs! Enjoy~!

It's Aight by D.I.

Crazily Pretty by DNT
Gara Gara Go! by Big Bang
We live in Oz by Clazziquai Project
Understood by Tank
Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls
Mischief by Ariel Lin
Wrong Number by TVXQ!
Beautiful Theme Song by Coco Lee
Hey Girl by MiChi
Won't Let U Go by D.I
Girlfriend by Crystal Kay Feat BoA
Marry Me by FT Island
Love you More and More by Fahrenheit
Kiss and Music by Perfume
Luv D.N.A by MC Mong Feat Navi
Boy and Man by Jam Hsiao
Hikari by Se7en
Can't Let Go by Jay'ed
Sometimes by D.I.

Tomorrow by Lite
I hate you by 2PM
I know by Lee Jung Sik

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