Friday, September 4, 2009

11th Show Songs

The 11th show went off with out a hitch! Here are the tunes we all mused, danced, and sang a long with! Enjoy~!

Balloons by TVXQ!
Endless Moment by Super Junior
My Sweetie by BoA
Xin Li You Shu by Fahrenheit
The Last Supper by Jeremy Ji
Starlight Tears by Kim Yoo Kyung
Dr. angel by Miyake Hiromi
Lachata by F(X)
Can't Let Go by Jay'ed
Memories by E.Bul
Firefly by Ariel Lin
Butterfly by G Dragon feat Jin Jung
One Drop by KAT-TUN
Strong vs Pretty by F.T. Island
Sometimes by D.I.
Long Live Adorableness by S.H.E.
Boom-hah-boom-hah-hah by Miyavi
The Truth is too risky by Tank
To Luv by V.O.S Feat Jaebum
Muzik by 4Minute
Mr. Droopy by The Pillows
Wizard of Oz by Clazziquai Project

Tomorrow by Lite
She Might come Back by 2PM
Saying "I Love You" by Wonder Girls

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