Thursday, August 6, 2009

7th Show Songs!

Awesome... we just had our 7th show and this IS the best playlist we have played!
The theme this week was Rome and Adio's picks. We picked songs from our past 6 shows! So, here they are:

Girls by Se7en Feat Lil Kim
Wild by Namie Amuro
Replay Boom Track by SHINee
Zen Me Ban by S.H.E
Love is by Rain
Style by Se7en
Poor Sunflower by 8eight
Love Turning by Gary Chaw
My Cookie Can by Janice Vidal
Rain is fallin by W-inds Feat G-Dragon
Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) by SNSD
U by S.E.S
Bump by Lee Min Woo
Throw My Fist by Shinhwa
White and Black by Jeremy Ji
Happy Birthday by NEWS
Eat You Up by BoA
I Hope by F.T. Island
Stand By U by TVXQ!
Superman by NESE
Ghost Dance by LITE
Map the Soul by Epik High
Wonderful by Big Bang
Only You by 2PM
Happy Together by Super Junior

Nobody(Rainstorm Remix) by Wonder Girls
London by Epik High
We Are! by TVXQ!


Music said...

Chickadees! Awesome show as always and I got some songs from your playlist ^^ See you next Thursday!

BB-VIP said...

Nice list! I'm having fun with the play list