Friday, August 28, 2009

10th Show: MUSIC

Our 10th Show guys!!! And we DIDN'T say anything about it!! How did we just let that milestone pass like that? Nasty. SO we did something... if you're our twitter follower or have stopped by our twitter the past few hours, you may have seen this guy
I sent a msg! Call my #SayNow at 630-626-4096 or click to listen to it
Yes!! It's TRUE!! Krome Radio now has a SayNOW!! If you are unfamiliar with saynow, well, you need to spend more time finding ways to stalk your American celebrities.... It's a place were they can leave messages and send texts to their fans. Krome Radio is using this tool to communicate with our fans on a non Thursday basis as well as when we are away from our computers. It's like radio on the go! ^_^ You can subscribe to us (no need to join or sign up on the website) and have our messages delivered straight to your phone! All you gotta do is pick up! By the way, your number is never ever ever revealed to us or anyone else. More info on
By the way, our Say Now messages are also in that huge "Say Now! (actually Say KROME RADIO)" badge on our page.


Question of the Week (Q.o.W.): How do YOU define Music?
That's such a hard question...

Rome: Music is a language and I truly truly believe that. Many folks have issues, or just don't understand how not knowing a language isn't necessary at all to enjoy that language's music. To me, it doesn't matter. Music speaks for itself.

Adio: Music is an involuntary action. I always seem to find myself dancing to some random tune or beat where ever I am.

Some more responses-
@daehyunkim hey on the question of the week "how do you define music?" Music is my Soul and Heart !.. what keeps me happy and alive.. I listen and play music all the time when im sad and it brings me from reall sad to really happy in the first 2 seconds my favorite songs play
@meriel_ayla same-same here!

@icecapades -Good Music--It's food for the soul. Bad music---It's junk food.

@rainbowparfait- music is beautiful melody that touches human's soul

@dotheworm - Music. It's life.

How do YOU define Music?


@Babelpop contest is here!: Follow Babelpop on Facebook. Two winners will win a Lee Byung Hun 3 3/4" Storm Shadow action figure.

Lucky... that man is a cutie!

-- @tunen2im @babelpop @daehyunkim @music4ursoul

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