Sunday, July 12, 2009


You definitely surprised me with the gift and all the postings. You are an amazing co-host, I couldn't ask for a better one. Sorry this post is so lame...I stink at writing things :/ Anywho... I hope Krome Radio keeps going strong, I know with all the hard work you've put in that it will! To you and to many great shows of Krome :)

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Krome Radio said...

Awww! Im such a putz! i didnt know you wrote this!! Timeless was playing to so I got all sappy and ishh. You silly thing you ^_^ Im glad your bday went awesome and YOU, my friend, are the best CO-host a chick could ask for. If it wasnt for your mad skillz... I'd be doomed. You and Sana are the flotation devices keeping Krome up!

We should tweetpic your Al Capone bday pics haha. See you when you come back! I think Im gonna snack now (4am right now).