Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rome's Rant

Hi everyone, this is Rome of KromeRadio... thanks for listening to the show today ^_^

If you remember, we were supposed to debut like... 7 weeks ago.. but we messed up on a few things. Mainly I was overzealous actually so that may have been me being too hyped up. But still, there was a point where we could have debuted MUCH faster.

What happened was certain people did not do their part and therefore delayed us... by a lot. But things eventually got sorted out and we were able to debut today! Yay right? No, wrong. CERTAIN PEOPLE did not:
1. Update the schedule on the website
2. Put us on the List to get the KEY to get that gets us in the STUDIO
3. Put our MUSIC in the Music Bank (hence the flusteredness of it all)

- Basically, we got screwed... majorly... like, HARDCORE screwed... Upset doesn't begin to cover how I feel. AND on top of that, Michael Freaking Jackson dies today? Ugh.


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