Monday, June 22, 2009

Krome Radio DEBUT!


This Thursday, the 25 of June, Krome Radio will finally grace the internet airwaves with it's presence. That's right, Dj's Rome and Adio will finally bring you all your kpop, jpop and cpop favorites along with some other fun stuff we have lined upo for you guys. So! From 8pm til 10pm USA Central Time. We have some time zones on this page actually if you scroll down, so that should help you guys some. Where can you listen to us?!

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So, to summarize
Your favorite new radio show: Krome Radio
When?: Every Thursday!
What time?: From 8pm til 10pm (Central Time, find out your time zone!!)
How: Internet Streaming... use your computer, simple.
Your new favorite people: Deejay Rome and Deejay Adio

Make requests on our Twitter, our CrunchyRoll Request Forum, our gmail account ( or even on this blog (the one you're on right now)!

- Deejay's Rome and Adio

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